Koroga Festival 19th Edition – Fally Ipupa Dicap La Merveille

At some point, as I was listening to Service (my all-time feel-good track) being performed live on stage (which was my first time ever) ,seeing him wind his waist slowly but surely to the sweet melodies of the electric guitar, looking up at the lights on the beautiful stage and feeling the vibe around me, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to put all that euphoria into words. Ever.

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#JazzAttitude – The Debut.

It’s the 25th day of June, 2017 and I’m strong. Strong as the drinks I mix, the tables I dance on and the friends I party with (because, what other thing to be when you have a series of jazz events to attend in the future and this is only the inaugural one? Gotta be strong for the dance floor and of course, the beautiful melodies!). Duty calls – Jazz Attitude o’clock!! 

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